• Young Entrepreneur

    Founder of Inspire1Million & Teen-Trepreneur

  • Author

        Author of The World at Your Feet & YEW

  • International Speaker

         Portfolio of 800+ Events in 26 Countries

Sabirul Islam (23), has excelled on a journey towards self-fulfilment whilst making a difference to the lives of a million people on his way to the top.

He is the founder of the Inspire1Million campaign, a global project to inspire, engage & transform the lives of a million people around the world through a marathon of events focused on teaching youth self-discovery, career prospects and enterprise learning. Sabirul has taken the Inspire1Million now to 26 countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America & Europe, delivering over 800+ events since its launch in Japan back in November 2010.

He is also editor of a new newspaper supplement titled 'Youth Lane' focusing on feature stories, that inspire & motivate youth as well as providing career guidance & opportunities outside mainstream education.

Sabirul started his journey as an entrepreneur aged 14, running a web design business for 2 years whilst at school having later decided to venture into stock trading at 16.

Sabirul's journey took a whole new turn at 17, when he wrote his first book titled 'The World at Your Feet.' To inspire youth to prosper through self-belief & follow their passion in life. The book went on to sell 42,500+ copies and was later professionally published by Marshall Cavendish, and now sells globally.

Other ventures which Sabirul has endeavoured on have been the launch of his business board game titled 'Teen-Trepreneur.' An enterprise board game & training programme which teaches financial literacy that has now sold to 650+ schools within the UK and with multiple version developed within 14 countries around the world.

Sabirul is a columnist for international newspapers around the world, including the Prothom Alo, where Sabirul writes features to empower youth in Bangladesh.

Sabirul's journey has led him to host his own Enterprise TV series in South Africa, with new TV shows also set to launch within the UK & also Bangladesh in 2014.

His achievements and passion to give back to society have landed Sabirul top honours, such as the Growing Up CEO award from Harvard Business School & the JCI Ten Outstanding Young Persons of the World award in Japan. An award won on previous occasions by names such as John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley and Jackie Chan.

Now having just turned 23, Sabirul's passion is to inspire millions of young people around the world, sharing the message that 'money isn't all too difficult to make in modern day society. The real challenge is to be able to make a difference.' Encouraging people to believe in living a life with purpose, meaning and valuing 'legacy.'